Why I Believe in Teachers ~ Forget about merit pay, let’s call it “Merit Beyond Measure!”

Hey all you dedicated career educators out there giving your all to your students day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year …. your intellect, your expertise, your empathy, your guidance, your coaching, your humor… your creative energy even when you feel depleted…

We keep coming back to our classrooms and our students because it is who we are and what we do… we are the teachers and the caretakers of children.

I have a new concept to propose for the next lively discussion we are bound to encounter “out on the streets” about the ubiquitous proposals of merit pay systems for teachers.

I am thinking of calling it, “Merit Beyond Measure…”

When I think of why I believe in Teachers, I think of the immeasurable contributions that come from the heart and souls of educators to lift up their students who are vulnerable, fragile and perhaps lonely and in need of something extra.

I could cite many stories of “Merit Beyond Measure” that come to mind;

… a colleague who went on a snow day to meet a parent with limited English at Children’s Hospital to help them navigate and support their child in a comprehensive evaluation…

… a teacher who spent hours after her school day before going home to her own family helping the parent of one of her students fill out forms to receive emergency health insurance after an unexpected job loss…

… a group of friends who teach all day, attend staff meetings, plan for the next day, assess student work, answer emails and THEN leave school to shop at thrift stores once every few weeks for outfits for children who come to school with inadequate clothing.

Teachers don’t do these things to earn merit pay; this is the spirit of our commitment to our students, their families and ultimately bettering humanity through our service.

How do we propose to measure the merit in these actions by educators who silently support their students and their families beyond the scope of the school day?

Forget about merit pay…

Teachers’ merit is indeed beyond measure.


I would love to hear stories of “Merit Beyond Measure” from you too, please share…

~ Maureen


1 comment
  1. Kris Rojas said:

    Excellent. My sister is a elementary school principal. She has tons of stories. I’ll see if she’ll share,

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