Maureen Reedy ~ Believing in Teachers, Believing in Public Education ~ Ohio Teacher of the Year, 2002

Hello Friends of Teachers, Parents, School Administrators and Community Members who BELIEVE in Public Education,

Good news on the movement to Preserve Public Education as the Foundation of our Democracy !

~ Ohio is starting a movement, Strong Schools / Strong Communities ( see below…)

Jeb Bush is not fooling anyone ~ He is part of the premeditated, national assault on Public Education by promoting the privatization of our public schools for profiteering purposes and corporate gain.

Would Jeb Bush want his own children in a “classroom” behind a computer with 225 other children and 1 educator? Would Jeb want his child in a school with no connection to building Community? No drama club, no band, no debate team, no sports teams, no orchestra… the list goes on…

I have a simple question: Why in the WORLD do we seek to garner profits off of our children?

If there are profits, how about RETURNING them to our children and our schools instead of paying million dollar salaries to CEOs with no educational expertise who employ teachers on “at will contracts” where they can be fired at any time for no reason?

If there are profits, how about using the $ to provide our children and families with more resources so that students are taken care of and their academic deficits and/ or academic strengths can be addressed…

How about using PROFITS to hire a full-time nurse, a full time guidance counselor, a social worker, teachers’ aides for classrooms with over 25 students, purchasing some Smart Boards to engage students with short attention spans, funding enrichment classes, and hiring more Intervention Specialists for our special needs students?

Why are we seeking to PROFIT off of our children when it is our charge to use everything in our power to lift our students up, take care of them, educate them and help them become the best learners and human beings they can possibly be?

Ohio’s Teachers, Parents, Superintendents, School Board members and Citizens have launched a new movement ~ Strong Schools / Strong Communities

Strong Schools Strong Communities is a non-partisan movement dedicated to informing and engaging Ohioans at the community level to understand, appreciate and support our system of common public schools.

Visit our website at
Friend us on Face Book at :
~ Maureen Reedy ~ Believing in Teachers, Believing in Public Education ~ Ohio Teacher of the Year, 2002
• 29 year Public School Educator
• graduated from Columbus, Ohio’s public school system
• BA and MA, The Ohio State University
• Ohio Teacher of the Year, 2002
• Candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives – Dec. 2011 – Nov. 2012
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  1. I believe in public education and YOU Maureen Reedy! I am looking forward to reading your blog and learning more about Strong Schools Ohio. Thanks for all your hard work for our students. -Susie N.

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